30 Minute Marketing Coaching Call
30 Minute Marketing Coaching Call
30 Minute Marketing Coaching Call
30 Minute Marketing Coaching Call
Ranch House Designs, Inc.

30 Minute Marketing Coaching Call

Regular price $150.00
Schedule a one-on-one 30 minute coaching phone call with one of the Marketing Experts from Ranch House Designs, starting at just $150. This is the perfect opportunity to get coaching and advice tailored to you and your business in areas including:
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Review and recommendations for your current marketing efforts
  • Website audit with recommendations
  • Advice on developing a Marketing Plan
  • Marketing Career Development for students and experienced professionals
After you have completed your purchase of the Marketing Coaching Call, your coach will reach out to you via email with available times to schedule the call and a brief pre-call survey.

Rachel Cutrer, CEO

Rachel's passion is in purebred livestock marketing, and her experience is derived from working daily on her own ranch - V8 Ranch. Rachel's coaching calls will specialize in:

  • New ideas for marketing purebred livestock and seedstock cattle.
  • How to get more buyers to your sale.
  • How marketing can increase your cattle sales price and notoriety of your operation.
  • Building an international cattle market

Since Rachel's background is initially in web design and graphic design, she also loves talking with aspiring graphic designers and creative professionals who might have thought, "I'd like to have a business like RHD one day..." or "I'd love to work at RHD one day." Rachel can help direct you on the paths to get there.

Ashley Grant, Chief Marketing Officer

Ashley is our Chief Marketing Officer at Ranch House and what that means is...she can market anything and everything at an expert level. She is a jack of all trades who understands every aspect of marketing. Her coaching calls will specialize in:

  • Marketing of agri-businesses, retail, western fashion, hunting and wildlife businesses, farms and ranches and more.
  • Those who have an interest in farm to table marketing opportunities.
  • General marketing strategy for farms and ranches, especially focusing on new business development and start-ups.
  • Website evaluation including design and content recommendations, SEO tips, and Google Analytics
  • Starting your marketing from the ground up with great branding and strategy.

Ashley also started out at RHD as a social media specialist and grew our following in the fastest time frame of the last 10 years. So she is also an expert at social media marketing. She is also a mentor to several undergraduate students and is very experienced in career development.

Paul Maulsby, National Account Manager

Paul is our National Account Manager and has a lifetime of experience in the purebred livestock business. From cattle evaluation to marketing nationally famous ABusinesses, Paul gets it. His coaching calls will specialize in:

  • Marketing consultation and direction for Seedstock Cattle Operations
  • Making a "game plan" for marketing your farm and ranch with the end goal of attracting new customers and gaining brand awareness.
  • Marketing for Ag Businesses who serve the livestock sector and want to know how to best reach the show livestock sector and the cow/calf sector.
  • Evaluation of your existing marketing efforts and suggestions on how to "step that up."

Before joining the Ranch House team, Paul worked as manager of a nationally prominent seedstock operation, and then managed the TAMU Beef Center. He is a nationally recognized livestock evaluator and one of the few people that can really tie everything together in the industry from production to marketing. 


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